Chocolate Cold Coffee


A Prefect drink for da season This Chocolate Cold Coffee  and there are yielding different flavor or brewing hot and then cooling it is prepare nothing but a frozen milk in a blender and producing a thin, coffee-flavored or different smoothie with a dollop of ice-cream or garnish with coffee powder.


Cold Coffee is ma favorite when I was in goa never miss, to have after shopping a frothy and a dollop of ice-cream. I do miss here in Q8 such amazing vanished moment, which I spend with ma family & friends. But I don’t feel bad coz, I just refresh ma memories with ma kidos how the life was b4 the amazing food and share ma experience with your’ll friend too so This was the amazing experience of Chocolate Cold Coffee & do try ma kidos do love dis amazing drink.


2 Cup Cold Milk Cold Milk – 1 cup (Pasteurized/Boiled & Cooled)

3 Tbsp. Nescafe Pwd.

4 Tbsp. Chocolate Pwd. / Nesquik. (any chocolate pwd.)

3 Tbsp. Sugar (as required)

Hershey Syrup with bottle

Coffee / Chocolate Pwd. for garnish

8 Piece of Ice Cubes.


Method :

Take a blender add all the above ingredients and whisk until smooth & frothy for few minutes.

Take a tall glasses and squeeze 2 drop inside glasses of four side and keep for 1 second make same procedure for other glasses and take the first glass and pour the cold coffee and garnish with coffee pwd. / chocolate pwd.



Note :

You can add a dollop of  Ice-cream while whisk or garnish

Can add vanilla or chocolate flavors depend on your choice.