Goan Green Chutney Sandwich

The Goan Green Chutney is very popular in India-Goa, it’s very easy to prepare like fresh or desiccated coconut and coriander/cilantro leave with cumin, green chilly tamarind, sugar, it’s very delicious in taste, tangy spicy and sweet flavour. This chutney is one of my childhood favourites as my mum use to prepare in bulk batch […]

Mango Tuna Wrap

Hello, Foodie family hope all are doing well, I really won’t be able to tell how many times, I prepare this delicious “Mango Tuna Wrap” I prepare, which is very refreshing and super easy to prepare. This Mango Tuna Wrap is very easy to prepare with some veggie, I use, Mango, all colour pepper, tomatoes, […]

Mango Bebinca

Mango Bebinca

Hello Foodie Family, Since it’s been a long away from my blog, but believe me I have missed all my foodies family, as I have been relocated to England, and when relocate mean very different feeling and situation to decide a new country, and with kids, had to settle many things like a new home, […]

Moringa Oleifera Chicken Curry/ Mashinha Panna Chicken Kodi

moringa oleifera chicken curry mashinha-panna chicken kodi


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