Weekend Special Pizza

Every weekend is a feast @ home and something special has to there or out for dinner and ma kidos are so excited because no school and no studies. They are da happiest for da weekend and full on.

Firstly Thank a bunches to ma friend Teji Singh when i saw her pizza just decided to prepare from her recipe da base but sauce and topping of ma creation as i always made ma pizza and kids favorite too.

I love pizza dont have diet on weekend specially i bake pizza just love da tomato sauce with oregano coz it’s home made and home mde are alwys. healthy and aws. and da topping just love with pickle chilly bit spicy and mozzarella cheese

Can also Visit Teji Singh  very talented  as listed below



Ingredient for Pizza Base :

All Purpose Flour           3 Cups  (APF- Maida)

Olive oil                         3 tbsp

Milk                              ½ cup

Yeast                           1  ¼  tsp.

Sugar                          1 tsp.

Water                          2 tbsp.



Method :

Take a soup bowl to the warm water, add sugar and yeast mix well then add milk. Give a gentle stir with a spoon, to mix well and Leave in a dark & warm place, I kept in oven coz it is winter but not start oven.

In meantime when the yeast activate sieve the flour take a bowl add all the above ingredient and keep a side, after 10 – 15 minutes,  you can see a nice froths of yeast active this add to the flour bowl and mix the dough into a smooth ball apply olive oil and cover,  keep for  30-45 mins.

Topping for Pizza

Green Pepper                        2 medium

Onion                                     2 medium

Pickle Chilly                           2 tbsp. ( I don’t use for kids)

Chicken Sausages                4 pieces

Beef / Chicken Burger          3 pieces

Method :

Green pepper, Onion & Chicken Sausages  cut into length wise and burger & keep a side.


Tomatoes Sauce  


Tomatoes                                 3 medium

Capsicum/bell-pepper              1

Green chilli                               1

Onion                                       1 small

Carrot                                      1 grated

Oil                                            1 tbsp

Garlic paste                             1/4 tsp

tomato                                     1 tbsp, paste/puree

Sugar                                      1 tsp

tandoori masala                     1 tsp.

Oregano                                 1 tsp.

salt to taste.


Method :

Blend the tomatoes, capsicum, chilli,onion and carrot with a bit of water until smooth. Heat a the oil in a pan, then add the garlic paste, followed by the tomato paste.

Once that’s cooked for a couple of minutes, add the blended mixture and simmer. Add salt and sugar followed by a bit of tandoori masala & oregano you can just leave it plain and spicy  according to your taste.

Let it simmer until thick and all the water evaporate. Taste and adjust the salt if needed.


Method for Pizza :  

Once the dough is rise flip it on the kitchen table, and punch and knead for a while then put it in a bowl and cover it keep for another 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes make a 2 ball and roll with a rolling pin and grease the baking tray and prick it with fork if your want to have crispy / dont prick the fork if u want to have normal one, Drizzle olive oil, add pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and the chicken sausages / burger slice, green pepper, onion  & pickle chilly over the pizza. (can also use Basil leaves) I use always but this time I didn’t use. (I dont use pickle chilly for kids only for us coz it was bit spicy but taste awesome.)

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 c for 20 minutes..









Enjoy with Pepsi  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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