Watermelon & Prunes Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a bowl of chilled watermelon and prunes ice ~cream, so fluffy and light, to quench your thirst on a hot summer day !! and when you taste this beauty combo, I am sure you will get impressed, try these interesting and gorgeous, as earlier post discuss I will come with anther dish with watermelon and here it, a delicious and tempting watermelon & prunes  ice~cream.
Actually, wanted to do ice ~ cream of watermelon, but it was a brainstorming idea which flavour to go for and, had some pruners and my favourite too, just lock the 2 main ingredients, and tried with both but, this time I didn’t use whipping cream, I tried with thick cream and condense milk, whish the thick cream first very smoothly and fluffy and then incorporated slowly with condensed milk with watermelon puree along with prunes chopped, was so excited what will be the outcome, and when the time come after set the ice ~ cream when had a spoonful in my mouth it was a surprised at it was watermelon flavours and with prunes bite and really so excited to preserve and share with you’ll friends.
Health Benefits :  
Watermelon is full of water, it also helps to cleanse the body, it’s packed with vitamin C, making it a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant found in both and help to prevent cancer in the way it works in our body, it is also good for heart, watermelon is the perfect post-work snack as it contains 92 % of water, and full of magnesium and potassium & I am pretty sure it love by all.
Prunes are high in soluble fibre that helps to keep blood sugar level stable, the soluble fibre in prunes helps to satisfy after a meal, prunes area also help to lower cholesterol by soaking up excess bile in the intestine and then excreting it, and also help to get improved bone health, they are a good source of Vitamin K, help to fight the signs of ageing by helping reduce bone loss and improving blood circulation, if you don’t like to have prunes do try with any dish and try to have this magical beauty.
Oh and the pretty pink my Prince’s and my favourite colour, well don’t wait long grab and watermelon and thick cream along with condense milk whisk it and fold, watermelon and prunes and relish this gorgeous & tempting over a Weekend.
Ingredients :
2 Cup Watermelon (puree)
500  ml thick cream
1 Can Condense Milk
¾ Cup Prunes (chopped)
Prunes for garnish
Watermelon for garnish (any shape)
1. Take a food processor/blend and puree the watermelon.
2. Take a big bowl whisk the thick cream, and process until the mixture is smooth and creamy, then add the condensed milk and incorporate well with a spatula, and fold the watermelon puree, along with prunes and incorporate well, don’t over mix.
3. Transfer this mixture to a freezer-safe airtight box and freeze for 6 hours or till it’s set, for serving.
4. Spoon into serving Ice ~ Cream bowls and serve at once, and garnish with prunes and watermelon.
5. Relish every spoon with a bite of prunes.
Love Linda
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