Vermicelli / Kheer / Seviyan Sweet

This is a very typical Tamil dessert; it always be served at a any festival & occasion as well,  vermicelli is also know in various  local names such as, seviyan or semiyan in Hindi and Punjabi, in Bengali it call it shemai,  in Middle East Vermicelli called she’reya (شعريه) .

The noodles are used to prepare many dish, like kheer / Pudding, Rice also can prepare  by these noodles in Middle East rice is prepared , and also can prepare upma it is popular Indian breakfast  dish which vermicelli roasted in little  oil, and add boiled vegetables  of your choice.

 It is  slowly cooked first it is roasted with ghee or butter and then cook in milk reduced to the thickness of double cream and set with vermicelli, add cardamom and decorated with pistachios, cashews and sultanas. 

These sweet relish by elder and children  as well, when you  preparing  the whole house is full of cardamon tantalising aroma, if you didn’t  prepared  really  I tell you are missing  something do try an relish every bit.


Ingredients : 

100 gms Vermicelli
100 gms Almond
100 gms Cashew nuts
100 gms Raisin
1 Cup Sugar
4 Cardamoms
1 liter milk ( boiled)


Method :

Take a pan add ghee and roast Vermicelli, don’t roast dark brown, then add 3/4 cup of water, let it cook for some time.

Meantime  take a skillet  add ghee / butter and roast raisins, chopped almonds and cashew nuts, keep a side.

Then add sugar, milk, in vermicelli pot, cook for minutes  then add cardamon pwd. stir well, check the sugar according  to taste, at last add the roasted dry nuts, keep for second switch off the flame.

Take a bowl add hot or cool kheer / seviyan and relish  every bit.

Love Linda

Note  :
Can roast  with any either  ghee or butter depend  on each deseir.

Can you any dry nut of your choice.

I add water and cook as my one of Muslim Friends tip once cook after some time it becomes  thick as she gave me for Eid, then I ask her how it remains  after long , because  mine turn thick, so I used her tip it was outstanding, so friends  if you face like me then do try these tip I am sure you will be glad  to see the outcome.

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