Vanilla & Mint Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice ~ Cream, yes you hear me correct, just want to share my experience over this amazing terrific combo and tastes incredible, As summer is above to wind up slow and winter is preparing its season to start, I just tried Minty flavour ice ~ cream which is perfect for the season and worth of trying this beauty.
The fresh mint is flavouring the ice creams, and the bit of fresh mint Huuuuuum just overpowers the delicate flavours of condensed milk, cream, and vanilla essence. I love the mint and tried it with ice ~ cream never thought of prepare with ice ~Cream, but when I tried I couldn’t resist having a scoop once it is done, and when I had after its form, I m speechless, want to have my own pot of fresh mint once I come back from my holidays.
Health Benefit of Mint :
Mint is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that can work wonders for your stomach.
Several pain balms use mint extracts is used on an area that is hurting, it immediately provides a cooling effect, causing the area to partially become numb.
Mint has a unique property that soothes and calms itchy and infected skin.
Ingredient :
1 Can of Condensed Milk
350 ml Thick cream (chilled)
1 tbsp watermelon puree
Large sprig of mint leaves (torn)
1 tsp. Vanilla essence
Instructions :
1. Torn the Mint and keep aside, take a large bowl, add chilled thick cream and whisk into light and fluffy.
2. Then add vanilla essence and condense milk fold with the spatula and incorporate well, add the torn mint leave and 1 tbsp. watermelon puree and incorporate well.
3. Transfer this mix to a freezer-safe airtight box and freeze for 6 hours or till it’s set, for serving.
Take a tall glass or bowl scoop and add to bowl garnish with mint and relish every bit.
Note :
Can add any varieties of flavour according to each choice.
Love Linda
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