Vada Pav

This Vada Pav is very famous of Indian street food with the spicy and tangy chutney and one @ home favorite too here i really miss all da chat pat street food in Kuwait ūüôĀ but today i prepare this again i use to prepare but didn’t had the blog so today at last capture on ma blog and relish the memories for ma daughter Danica, well dis post is very dear to ma heart coz danica was not feeling well so she go to nap early & ma Sunshine full swing to help his mama. I prepare da potato veggie at night coz i want to pack the tiffin at early morning and morning ¬†prepare da vada

It Just love  Vada Pav, filled with Tangy and Spicy Chutney and with Potato Vada, We never miss to have in town when we go here in Kuwait there is one Restaurant  but i m scard coz the oil they use, but we have once in a while.

I prepare dis coz today weather here is mild cold and just start da Winter and curving to have Vada Pav is a different feeling with a hot cup of Ginger tea or Coffee.


Red Chutney :

Ingredients : 

Kashmiri Chilly 4

Garlic 3  cloves

Cumin 1/2 tsp.

Dates 4 piece (discard da seeds )

Tomato 1 small (chopped in big )


Method : 

Add all the above ingredient to mixer / ginder and make a paste.


Green Chutney :

This time i add the  ma Coriander Chutney link is listed below as i m grt. frnd. of coconut. This time say let do innovation with Coconut Chutney it was terrific too.

Snacks with Cilantro Chutney


Ingredient For Vada :

Potatoes 3 medium (boil and mash)

Chilly  3 (chopped in small)

Onion 3 medium (chopped in small)

Coriander  (handful chopped)

Turmeric  1 tbsp. (according to ur desire color  )

Mustard Seed 1/2 tsp.

Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp.

Slat (according to your taste)


Method :

Take a pan add oil let it heat medium and add cumin toss for a while then add mustard seeds when it crack, add onion and toss till it is translucent add turmeric, salt and 4 tbsp. water let it cook for while.

Now add the mash potatoes and green chilly and coriander and mix well and close da flame.


For Batter : 

Chana flour 5 tbsp.


Chilly Pwd. 1/2 tsp.

Salt (according to ur taste)


Method :

Take a bowl add all the above ingredient and make a thick batter and keep a side.


Method for Vada 

Take a wok and add oil in mean while take a batter and dip the vada and mix well , check the oil @ medium heat add the vada and fry till it is golden brown, take a plate put tissue and take da vada for the excess oil. then i add fresh green chilly and toss for while and add in same plate with tissue for excess oil.

Now take a pav and chutney one side red and other one green and add vada and put fried chilly and have with cuppa of coffee or ginger tea.

Well it was ma Experience and if u like ma Recipe & ur prepare dont forget to give da feedback






Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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