The Creative Blogger Award

Hi Friend, hope all are doing well, so weekend is starting with Eid Holiday Yaahyyyy for the Middle East Friends, Happy holiday enjoy the fullest and stay safe.

Wooow another excited award by a dearie blogger Janice she has amazing blog, PRAY, LOVE, EAT, TRAVEL, isn’t it amazing she is really cute girl, love her blog and first she mentioned is “Pray” o dearie to see, I can’t tell you how excite I am really I too love bible, some people love to read novel, so on but I love to read bible.

Crative Blogger Award

Well thank you so much for include me dear and these my “9th Award” by the grace of Jesus. I am honored that he blessed me with cooking talent and really love to explore the fullest., well back to the award friends do visit “Dear Janice” blog she has a amazing and excited too, when you see I m sure you will be hook, to her amazing blog here & God Bless all.

So Here Are The Rules:

  1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.
  2. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
  3. Share five random facts about yourself.

Five Random Facts About You:

  • I Love to be in Kitchen, even how long it might be to prepare to the photography I love to be bit fancy too in my Click of food 😛
  • I hate cat at any cost.
  • Without Reading a Word of “Jesus” I can’t start my day, I feel I m incomplete, I don’t mind how much work important at office, word of “JESUS” is first preference for me.
  • I love to help my daughter by giving her idea of wealth out of waste and may project at school.
  • I hate liar and don’t like people who hurt me, I forgive them but difficult to patch up again with them, I know they threw me to pit, so no interfere again to push me again.
  • I love to blogging, when ever I has spare time I love to spend on blog, rather watching television.

My Nominees are listed below :

1. Chitra

2. Freda

3. Erika

4.  Priti

5. Andy 

6. Deepa

7. Sai Priya

8. Priya Shiva

9. Lina

10. Anjali Dhawan

11. Suzanne

12. Noorain

13. Stephy

14. Shamira

15. Sumana



18. Nandini

19. Swapna

20.  Kushi

Congrats to all the nominee and if I don’t nominate please don’t mind, all are prefect & unique piece. God Bless All & Happy Blogging.

29 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award

  1. Linda, congratulations to the award! That is truly well deserved. And thank you so much for considering me for this wonderful award too. I will post it soon! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Linda, so happy that you and your lovely blog are getting so much recognition. Thank you also so much for the nomination. I truly appreciate it!! You are inspiring.