Squid Recheado / Stuffed Squid

Squids or calamari are one of the seafood delicacies, that we can find any place is goan, squid is prepared variously,  it’s goes well as a side dish/appetizer, in goa, one should have enjoyed it while a visit to goa, with a nice chilled drink at “Sea Side” if not do try while you are down to goa for a visit. The typical and most popular Goan recipe is the stuffed squid / Mankios Recheado, well all must be thinking what is “Mankios” in Konkani squid are called, and “Squid” in  English and “Lulas” in Portuguese.
Who does not love squid and when you prepare with recheado masala it’s outstanding, recheado masala is goan special, with spices & ground with vinegar into a smooth paste,  it is deep red, with tangy, spicy and sweet, I love recheado masala, which we goan used to prepare various stuffing and also use for chilly fry, squid stuffing / mankios recheado pair well with stem rice and curry, O forgot to tell my kids are a great fan of Mankios Recheado.
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my ingredient and noted below  :
Recipe Courtesy: My “Mum”
Serve: 6
Cooking: Easy
Cuisine: Goan
Stuffed Squid Ingredients:
12 squids / calamari
3 onions (chopped fine)
4 tbsp oil
5 tbsp Recheado Masala
Salt to taste
Recheado Masala ingredients:
12 Red Kashmiri chilies (Soak the chilly into the water for 3 minutes)
6 cloves
2 two-inch sticks of cinnamon
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp cumin
8 cloves garlic
2 medium-sized onions
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp. salt
5 tbsp. Vinegar – (blend to a thick paste).
Instructions for Racheadeo :
1. Chop the onions fine and roast in pan with 1 tbsp on a skillet.
2. Put all the ingredients except the vinegar in the blender and blend into a powder.
3. Then add vinegar as required, and blend to smooth paste.
Instructions for Stuffed  Squid :
1. Clean and wash the squids well. chop the tentacles into fine, discard the eyes, take two separate bowls, one bowl squid and one bowl tentacles apply salt and keep aside.
2. Take skillet add oil, at medium heat, add chopped onion and sauté till it turns translucent, add recheado masala and fry for another 2 minutes, then add tentacles sauté for while till it tender add salt to taste and cook till water evaporate.
3. Let it stuffing cool, then take a squid and do the stuffing with a narrow spoon and stuffed well into squid, and continue with all the squid, then take a toothpick and close the mouth nicely so the stuffing should not come out while frying.
4. Take a skillet, add oil let it heat at medium, add the stuffed squid and cover it with a lid, it prevents the oil spills while cooking squid, cook for 5  minutes on each side, then turn to other, take care while cooking doesn’t cook too long it will be rubbery.
Serve with Chilled drink / plain white rice.
Note : 
1. Can also do the stuffing with prawns, and have to cook in same with just replace with tentacles.
2. Don’t cook too long or squid will turn rubbery, minimum cooking is 7 – 10 minutes.


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21 thoughts on “Squid Recheado / Stuffed Squid

  1. Hi Linda!

    Your SQUID RECHEADO looks YUMMYLICIOUS. I for one love QUID very much. I tell You I could live of this dish. I must say Your quid look PHENOMENAL. Me mum used to prepare this for Me while on holiday in Goa, She is no longer with Us. It has been ages since I had squid. I actually forgot how they taste like. I always wanted this recipe. MAMMA MIA! I found it on Your site. My prayers have been answered. We will give it a go in the UNITED KINGDOM. Thanks for sharing Your GENIUS with Us.


    With My kindest best regards,

    Stanley Rodrigues

    1. Thank you Stanley for you kind compliment, I m so sorry for your mom is no more, may her soul RIP. and do try a have I m sure your mum will be proud of you, God bless & Give you Courage to bear the pain, stay blessed 🙂