◇ Spinach Chicken Gravy ◇


Spinach Chicken Gravy 

For all you not so lovers of spinach or for the ones struggling to make perfect delectable dishes out of the temperamental spinach, this is a sure easy way to sneak spinach into your diet. No uncanny behavior, no bitterness, no flavor, just a yummy creamy green spinach sauce with the tenderness of the chicken that which will not fail to impress you.

Ingredients :

Chicken- 400 to 500 gms
coriander powder-1 tsp
cumin powder- 1tsp
curd- 1/3rd cup
onions-1 chopped
bay leaves
cinamon-1 large stick
ginger garlic paste- 1 tsp
spinach- one bunch
coriander leaves-1/4 bunch
salt- as per taste
tomato- 1 small
kasuri methi powder- 1 tsp
red chilli- 1 (optional)
Oil- 1 tbsp
nutmeg powder- 1/2 tsp
cream- 1 tbsp


Blanch the spinach with coriander leaves and the carrot ..Puree them together once done. Dont discard the water used for boiling as it would be used later. The coriander and carrot helps to do away or mellow down the raw smell of the spinach and achieves a sweet taste.

In a deep pan, add oil and add the onions and cloves. Fry them, take it off the pan and mix them with curd and blend together to make a thick paste.
Now add oil in the same pan and drop the red chilli, bay leaves, cardamon, cinnamon and the ginger garlic paste. Add the onion- curd mixture and keep frying for a minute.
Add the chicken, tomatoes and the spice powders and fry for sometime. Add a little water that which was used to blanch the spinach to prevent the chicken sticking to the bottom of the pan.

This way you ensure that the nutrients that was lost while blanching the spinach is not wasted. You can add additional curd as well to remove the chicken getting burnt.
Add garam  masala powder, nutmeg powder and salt to adjust. Fry and now add the puree.

Keep stirring and keep the chicken covered on low heat till chicken is done.
Add a dollop of fresh cream before turning off the stove. Dont cook for long, otherwise the color of the green spinach will change to a lighter color.