Rich Sweet Rolls



A very soft and sweet roll great for picnic and snack for kids. You may wrap in some cream cheese.

Ingredient’s :

Maida / all purpose flour 500g

Skim milk (milk powder) 10g

Instant yeast 9g

Sugar 50g

Natural salt 9g

Warm water 310g

Egg 30g

Unsalted Butter 50g

Almond for decor.


Method :

Dissolve skim milk, Instant yeast, sugar, salt, egg in 1/4 cup water.

Add in flour and remaining water to form a dough.

Knead dough till smooth and springy, add in butter in 3-4 portions. Use wrapping technique.

After butter is well kneaded into dough, cover dough and let it rise till 2-2.5 bigger.

Bring dough onto work top, divide into 24 portions. Roll them into ball shapes and let it relax for 20 minutes.

Flatten each dough, roll them up to get a ball shape, place them on baking tray and let them have the last proof for 60 minutes or dough rise to 2-2.5 times bigger.

Brush rolls with egg wash / milk, and decorate them with almond flakes and bake in preheat oven 180’c for 15-18 minutes.





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