Pinaca / Pinnac

Pinaca / Pinnac is very delicious and Goan Traditional Sweets, whenever I  prepare it just refreshes the memories of my Grandma and childhood memories, and I must say her handmade was just terrific I can’t compare with anyone and very Traditionally she use to prepare on the grinding stone which we use to relish every bite, serve with coffee or black rose tea.
Here I share my grandma recipe I follow to date, but I prepare with a blender  (mixer), if you have ground on stone do try and relish the delicious sweet. It’s just simple roasted rice powder, pyramid palm jaggery, freshly grated coconut, with some cardamon, incorporate well and fold into croquette /cylindrical shape or any shape of desire and just relish every bite.
So let’s get started with the ingredients and Instruction.
Author: Linda
Serve: 10-15
Ingredient :
250 grams rice flour
150 grams fresh coconut
1 Pyramid Goan Plam Jaggery (150 Grms.)
1/ 2 tsp Cardamon Powder.
3 tbsp. Water to blend Jaggery & Coconut.
Instruction :
1. Wash and dry rice completely,  take a pan, and dry roast the rice till it turns brown don’t roast too dark brown.
2. Leave to cool completely and then blend to a fine powder (keep aside some flour to roll pinaca).
3. Crush the jaggery take a blender and ground it along with the coconut and 3 tbsp. water.
4. Don’t add too much water, it has to be dry and not watery too much.
5. Take a bowl add ground rice powder, add blend jaggery and coconut and cardamon pwd.,  mix well till it incorporates well.
6. Take approximately 1 1/2 tbsp. mixture and roll in between your palms to form it into a croquette /cylindrical shape.
7. Follow the same procedure with all the remaining flour.
8. When all are done sprinkle the rice flour that was set aside and garnish with freshly grated coconut.
9. Put in an airtight container and store it in a cool place.
Note :
1. Can adjust the jaggery according to taste.
2.  While rolling to a cylindrical shape, or any other shape according to each desire I made a Goan Traditional.
3. The ground procedure can also make on grinding stone, once ground the coconut and jaggery, slowly add the rice flour and ground it taste so terrific I don’t have words to explain, my Grandmother in Goa use to prepare on a grinding stone.
Love Linda
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18 thoughts on “Pinaca / Pinnac

  1. Linda, this looks so good. i have never had Pinac before but love that flavor combination of rice flour, coconut jaggery and cardamom a lot, so I am sure I will love it! Wishing you Happy Holidays, my dear!

  2. It’s my favourite and I want to try. Would be thankful if you could specify or help me with the weight of jaggery in grams. As last time I had tried a recipe but my pinaca-pinnac turned rock hard 🙁


  3. I love pinnac to eat I like to give this taste for my hubby but in Mumbai wear I stay I can’t get black goal jaggery. So which jaggery can I use. I feel helpless. Feeling very bad. I want to make this.

    1. Hi dear Leena thank a ton and glad, I am sure you will get just confirm with friends and black jaggery is main ingredient Pinnac I m sure you will get and may ur dream come true.

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