Phirni with Almonds

Phirni /  Firni is a Traditional Indian dessert, It is more of a “north Indian” dessert, and just perfect to dug in recently share Rice Pudding / Kheer, and just try Phirni it is a similar dessert, with creamy &  lip-smacking, divine bowl, it is cook with milk along with granulated rice at low heat and stirs continuously so it doesn’t stick to the bottom, it is flavoured with saffron, cardamom and adorned with a load of nut and dry fruits also, the consistency of this pudding is thick where one can dig with a spoon, along with nuts :-P.
Phirni is served chilled or warm in an earthen/ clay bowl but, today I share with glass bowl, Shobha Keshwani had shared in a clay bowl, it was looking so pretty, and I was impressed with the recipe and gorgeous clay bowl shot, have a look here, and just tried and relish this beauty and dug in :-P.
My Sonshine “Dylan”  just helps Mama to take a click they enjoy to help Mama while photo shot. Well at home my family just relish this divine bowl of Phirni / Firni, folded with rice and just love the aroma of cardamom, one can adjust with sugar and if you prefer to cook with condensed milk, sugar is not required adjust with each taste.
Do give a try to this rich, creamy drooling, and divine bowl and dug in to relish every bit.
1 litre Milk ( Full Cream )
½  Cup Basmati rice
½ Cup Sugar
¼ Cardamom pwd.
1 Pinch of Saffron
10 – 11 Almond – chopped slice
Instructions :
1. Rinse the rice under a tap running water, and soak in half a cup of milk for 25 – 30 minutes, meantime chopped the almonds and keep aside.
2. After 30 minutes ground the rice to a coarse, granulated paste with little milk.
3. Then poured the milk into a heavy bottom saucepan. Let it come to boil when it comes to a rolling boil, add the ground rice paste and stir continuously or it might stick to the bottom, cook for 10 – 15 minutes add cardamom and saffron keep on stirring.
4. Stir continuously add sugar till it dissolves, the phirni will seem to become thinner, it will return to the original thickness after few minutes when the phirni comes to thickness in about 5 minutes, turn of the heat and the chopped nuts, keep some for garnishing.
5. Stir it till corporate with nuts, let it cool for while, then take a deep bowl add the phirni pour into bowl carefully, and garnish with chopped almond.
6. And then I dug in & relish every bit!
Note : 
If you want rich texture you can also add condensed milk and milk bring to boil then add the granulated ground paste, by sure with the sugar as condensed milk is sweet.
Can also add pistachios / any dry nuts.
Love Linda
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