Neureos / Gujiya

“ A very popular sweet during Christmas it is know @ Goa Neureos and Karanji in Maharashtra

We goan prepare dis beauty @ Christmas in every house but has different filling and with color but i prepare plain coz i don’t like colored one, dis is ma mum recipe and it just miss Goa we use to prepare dis beauty with family and neighbor we use to take a turn each house one day we use to make schedule to go one day to each house and believe me it was a fun and come to know about Christmas but here in Kuwait it excitement but not as same as Goa.

This is one of ma Princesss  “Danica ” favorite sweet and she never miss to help her mum while preparing this beauty i really enjoy with preparing with her and refreshing memories of our childhood and well last but no least ma hubby do help us to fry that is da difficult task so i keep him coz when i fry feel very tired with da oil smell thx God of ma hubby for his kind help.

I Love dis beauty coz it with Coconut and dry fruits all time favorite and taste wise it outstanding. well this was ma experience from ma Kitchen to your eye watch only.

Well ma innovation of Christmas Neureos is noted blow :



All purpose Flour (APF)  1 Kg.

Ghee 4 tbsp

Rice Flour  4 tbsp.

Water as needed to mix the dough


For the filling:

Semolina 400 grm

Dry Coconut 400 grm.

Sesame 200 grm.

Cashew Nuts 300 grm.

Cranberry 300 grm.

Black Raisins 300 grm.

4 Ghee 4 tbsp.

Cardamoms Pwd. (4 tbsp).

Sugar Pwd. 600 grm. (According to taste)

Oil for frying


Method :
Take a big bowl add All purpose flour (APF) add salt, ghee and enough water to knead into a soft dough then Keep aside if you make in evening mix the dough at morning or 5 hrs maximum.

for filling take a pan add 2 tbsp ghee and toss the semolina till light brown and take it in big bowl, then add 2 tbsp. ghee coconut and toss for a while don’t make too brown just 2 minutes in slow flame and take it out in same semolina bowl then toss dry sesame i use roasted one and add the dry nuts and add in the same bowl add cardamon pwd. Waiting till it cool completely

Don’t add sugar at this point coz it will melt and i make it dry so let the semolina and coconut dry completely, Now add sugar mix well and have check the sweetness according to each desire and add the sugar.

Take a bowl add water and keep a side now divide the dough into small balls, roll out into thin rounds, like a transparent like paper put a half tbsp. of the filling on each round, now one side wet the edges and close to form a half moon shape and Trim edges preferable with the finger and follow for all the dough. Take a tray add flour and place the Neureos and cover with cloth if you leave open it turn hard coz i make one time 20 piece and then fry.

Take a deep pan add the oil let it heat then place one by one and fry in hot oil and check dont make too brown in oil when it is light brown take it off coz when it cooling it turn bit dark color.









Note : 

We get to Neureos making cutter but i personally dont use coz when we get more edges and take load of time. So i make small round and press neatly and ma style when too much people we can do dis and it’s fun too.

Can also use more dry nuts according to each desire.

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  1. I have never heard of this because i am a Jewish girl from New Jersey…but i am going to be daring and try it. It sounds like it rises without yeast, what makes it rise? Do you think i can do this with nomexperience whatsoever???