Moti Choor Ladoos

First of all thanks a bunches to ma frd.  Pallavi for dis yummy recipe & ma favorite too when  ever I travel to goa don’t forget to have dis, ma 1st sweet frm. Market, and now I did by inspiration of Pallavi  thanks a ton dear it was yummy and love da fullest.

Dis is one of ma Danica favorite and ma as well when ever we travel to Goa never miss to have dis beauty and when i got dis aws. beauty recipe and when i saw help creation i could resist and just made very next day and just love every step i prepare mix the all da ingredient and when we fry and tiny ball same vanish before prepare da Ladoos so i knew dis was going to happen so had made extra batch and save some to prepare dis beauty after da tiny ball mix with sugar syrup and mix and then mixer then and fold and mold them and bind them together to form a desire shapes, and decor with nut uff and then to have it was divine once i felt i am having goa market ladoo.

Well enjoy da every bit & ma creation is listed below :-


For Boondi

1 cup besan/chickpeas flour
Pinch of yellow/ orange food color
1/4 tsp of baking soda
Oil or ghee for frying.


Method :

Take a bowl, add 1 cup besan, pinch of color, baking soda & mix well. Then add 3/4 cup water & make thick batter(pouring consistency) without lumps. Heat ghee or oil in deep pan/kadhai, when ghee is hot enough in a kadhai then drop boondis in ghee using perforated(holes) spoon.. Rub d batter on d spoon wid holes so that small drops of batter drops in oil, simultaneously tap d spoon on d rim of kadhai also.. Fry boondis till golden brown, remove & keep aside..



For sugar syrup
1/2 cup sugar (1 cup was written in recipe i followed nd it this much sugar was very very sweet so i advice to use 1/2 or 3/4)
1/2 cup water
Pinch of yellow or orange food color.

Method :

Take another pan or kadhai & put sugar & water.

Mix well to dissolve d sugar & bring to boil till one thread consistency (take one drop of syrup between finger & thumb & check one thread consistency).

Add pinch of food color & mix well.. switch of d flame & add prepared boondi in it & mix well.. Now blend the sugar coated boondi coarsely with blender with 1 tsp hot water.. let it cool ..

make small ball sized ladoo & garnish with cashew or any dry fruits for garnish.


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