Mango Smoothie

Mangoes is a King of Fruits, it is also call a Stone Fruit coz it has a seed which is same like a stone :-),  it s very sweet and are quite juicy. The flavor of mango is enough to make a incredible smoothie. On a hot summer day, it is very refreshing, can have anytime.


Alphonso mangoes named after Afonso de Albuquerque, was the first who introduced the fruit to ma beautiful “Goa”, he ws a nobleman and military expert who helped establish. Portuguese Colonies in India. The Portuguese then introduced by grafting the mangoes trees to produce varieties of mangoes and among them Alphonso was one of them. This fruit was first introduced to Konkan region in Maharashtra & Gujarat it’s a south part of India. This was the about Alphonso Mango, well coming to the recipe.


Ma Sonshine wanted to something chilled and da summer is very bad @ Kuwait 1 can fry one outside with flame ma Jesus it’s damn hot over here so just wanted to treat ma Sonshine like smoothie, when open the fridge saw the mango puree as if was calling me J then with second thought took plan to have a smoothie, had yogurt and fresh mint, then took all three with a whiz along with honey in seconds mangoes smoothie is ready and ma kids do love dis chilled, refreshing treat for ma kidos.

Here is the quick, easy to make Mango Smoothie recipe as noted below :

Ingredients :

2 ½  Cup Mango Puree / Pulp

1 ½ Cup  Curd / Yogurt

5 Fresh Mint Leaves

2 tbsp. Honey


Mango Puree

Fresh Mint Leaves


Method :

Take a blender add mango puree, yogurt & honey and blend for 2 second and then add fresh mint leave and whiz well to smoothie.

Take a glass pour the blend mango smoothie, add of mango puree and garnish with fresh mint leave.

Relish each sip with delicious mango smoothie, last by not da least dont forget to lick the glass as well 🙂

Note :

Can also add ice-cube I didn’t use because of ma kids and I use chilled puree/pulp and yogurt.

I use alphonso puree can use any fresh mangoes / puree.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Linda




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