Mango Coconut Ladoo

Hello, Foodies family hope all are doing great today I am sharing a special recipe none other than the “Summer Queen” and I am pretty sure many lovers out there who love for this is endless, and another delectable ingredient coconut when both delicious incorporated together, it’s insane and surely most of you’ll love both the beauty.
Summer Queen most of the foodies must be super excited to welcome summer to relish this “Queen” at the fullest and believe me it is really, a melting moment well I would love to share the joy to prepare these amazing mango and coconut ladoos using mango pulp, coconut with flavoured of cardamom. They were really great flavour together which was a wonderfully bright and refreshing taste experience. These delicious ladoos, very jiffy to prepare.
These Mango and Coconut ladoos are great to pair, and pretty sure there are many fans out there who love both the combination, do give a try before the season wave off the season queen, it’s my family favourite as they are a big fan of mango & coconut, let’s begin with the recipe.


2 cup fresh shredded coconut fresh/dry
1 cup Mango pulp
4 tbsp Sugar
A pinch of cardamom powder
3 tbsp. Ghee
1/3 Cup  Almond  or any dry fruits ( crushed)
2 tbsp Water
Instructions :
1. Take make mango ladoo take a deep pot at medium heat, add sugar and water and mix till the sugar dissolve and form into syrup.
2. Take a saucepan at medium heat add ghee add coconut and toss for 5 minutes, add sugar syrup and incorporate well and mix well, make sure it doesn’t burn at the bottom.
3. Add mango pulp and incorporate well, add cardamom and cook for further 10 – 15 minutes, add the crushed almond and incorporate well and cook until the mixture is thick and stir the mixture it should not burn in the bottom and once the mixture comes together and leaves the side, switch off the flame.
4. Rest the mango mixture for 10 to 15 minutes and when it still warm bear to hold the mango mixture in hand.
5. Shap the mango mixture into a round ball or any shape according to desire, and relish every bite.
Note :
1. To keep mango ladoos longer, cook the coconut in ghee, keep on the eye it should not turn brown or burn.
3. Can also dedicate coconut, instead
4. Also can use condense milk instead of sugar, and skip the sugar.
5. Once it completely cool,  store it in an Air tighter box.
Love Linda
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