Kulkuls  we make during Christmas or anytime when ever u r craving for evening snacks or for kids tiffin.

Ma kids love this crunchy and delight and can also dust the sugar pws. For kids as ma Sonshine is very fond of sugar so I dust for him not alwys just for Christmas Time I don’t make this often coz of deep fry.

I really enjoy to prepare coz ma Princess Danica always help me to prepare this beauty and she also love to make dis coz it is like playing in the clay she is very fond of clay to make different shapes .

Well dis is ma last sweet for this year and for Christmas.


Ma Kulkuls creation experimental and tasted noted below :-



Flour                                    500 grm.

Butter / Ghee                      5 tbsp.

Sugar (Powd. )                  100 grm. (according to taste)

Egg Yoke                           2

Salt to taste

Coconut Milk for Kneading accordingly.

Oil to Fry

Method :
Take a bowl add all the above ingredient and add coconut milk for knead and form a soft dough place a moist / damp cloth and rest for ½ hrs. to 1 hrs.

After 1 hrs. make a medium size portion of the dough put a dry flour and roll it with rolling pin a round chapatti and cut into square.
Make it a triangle and then press from behind and roll both the edge with your finger and make all the dough till it finish.

Once make take a tray dust the flour and place it leaving little space and cover coz of it harden while frying. Then take a pan add oil at medium heat fry till it is light brown or depend on what color u prefer I make light brown.

Take a bowl add the Tissue and after fried put it for excess oil let it cool for a while then store it in the container. There you go, your Goan Kulkuls are ready.

Merry Christmas & Enjoy with ur family & friends. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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