Jalebi with Rabri

Rabri aka Rabdi is a classic, traditional Indian sweets. A rich dessert that is a mixture of thickened creamy milk with saffron, cardamom, and Jalebi & garnishes with Almond. The process of this rabri, by cooking the full-fat milk, over a low flame to form a thick cream consistency and relish with a Jalebi, and garnish with Almond.
The key to a rich and creamy Rabri lies in the quality of the milk used and simmering the milk over low flame. Always use full cream milk while making Rabri. I really enjoy preparing this beauty as my Princess’s Danica help me she too relish every drop of the Rabri, same as mama 🙂
I always see this Rabri in the hotel but never tried at home even once, but when I came across Shaheen Ali post of Rabri I could not resist and just tried, with paired with Jalebi.
Ingredients for Rabri :
1 ½ liter Full cream milk
½ tsp Green Cardamom  – Powder
3 – 4 Saffron strands
For Garnishing :
8 Almonds – Chopped
6 Jalebi
Instructions :
  1. Heat the milk in a thick bottomed pan, add milk and let it boil, once bring to boil, leave it on medium heat, It will take around 30 – 40 minutes.
2. Keep stirring frequently to prevent it from sticking to the bottom, once the milk reduces to once fourth of the original content, add cardamom pwd., saffron (I add saffron directly you can also soak and then add as per each desire), rose essence, and remove the cream from the pan which sticks to side with a spatula, switch the flame and chopped almond and keep it in a refrigerator, for 1 hour.
2. Meantime let prepare Jalebi.
Ingredients for Jalebi:
1 Cup Maida – All-purpose flour
¾ Cup Yogurt
½ Cup warm water
1 ½ tsp Ghee  – Melted
2 tbsp. Rice flour / Rava  
½ tsp. Baking soda
Ingredients for syrup :
 2 Cup Sugar
1 ½ Cup Water
1 – 4 strands Saffron
½ tsp Green cardamom powder
Oil for deep frying  


1. Take a bowl, add flour, rice flour / rava, baking soda, mix thoroughly, add ghee and yogurt, and water and mix until you see no lumps. Keep for 4 hours or you can also keep overnight to ferment at a warm place (where you keep yogurt to form) I always use my oven.
2. Meanwhile, when it ferments let’s make sugar syrup take a heavy bottom pan, add sugar and water and cook for 15 – 20 minutes on medium heat. And low the flame, let it simmer, add cardamom and saffron.  Leave the syrup on low heat, and prepare the Jalebi.
3. After 4 hours mix it again, if required add little water it should be pouring consistency, mix with a spatula well, Heat the ghee and oil in a Kadai, or deep frying pan, or you can add ghee only it depends on each,  add the jalebi batter to jalebi container or ziplock bag and make a small hole at the bottom of the bag.
4. Once the ghee and oil at medium heat, pour the batter into a jalebi shape. Deep fry till golden and crispy on both sides.
5. Take out the jalebi and drop it into the sugar syrup. Allow jalebi to remain in the sugar syrup second then flip to another side, and take a fork and take the jalebi and keep for a while to take off the excess sugar syrup and place on a plate.
6. Now take a wide glass take the rabri from the refrigerator, add chilled rabri into the glass, place one jalebi garnish with chopped almond & Relish the beauty.

The Oil should be at medium heat while frying, it should not be too hot hence the jalebi will be flat and mushy.
I don’t add sugar in rabri, as I add jalebi and sugar syrup balance with the sweetness and if you don’t add jalebi you can add the sugar while preparing rabri, 2 tbsp., or according to desire. 

Jalebi and rabri are two separate dishes but I combine to relish the beauty, if you want you can make it separately.
Love Linda
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