Godshem  / Rice Cake


It’s Goan sweets and we call it Godshem also can call Rice Cake / Pudding, which is literally mean Sweet.
It’s goan traditional sweet that evokes the ‘drooling’ effect after every bite. It’s a great preparation to be laid out for celebrations, It include preparation with various of ingredient like rice, coconut milk, dal, fresh turmeric leafs and the aroma in whole house and  i m speechless, nut, jaggery / sugar & ghee. It’s sweetness is derived from the unique pyramid shaped of Goan jaggery.

St John

Sao Joao / St John Festival is celebrated on 24th July, in Goa among the Catholic community and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist which is celebrated on 24th June every year. This occasion marks the celebration by the local youth in the villages of Goa who normally get drunk and jump into wells , sang goan song distribute among family and friend  goan season fruit like Jack fruits, mangoes & Cashew and float also conduct and youth and well as elder the fullest. I really miss this festival this time 🙁


Source : Princy (Ma Friend from Goa)

It is an existing tradition wherein anyone who owns a well and has a girl who is newly married exchanges pleasantries and food items to their in-laws as is the custom  and a really treat to watch the feast. I still remember ma mum has send to ma law for the first time it’s really so amazing.


Source : Princy (Ma Friend from Goa)

Cuisine : Goan


1 Cup Rice (Red Indian Rice / Matta Rice)

1/4 Cup Chana Dal

1 1/4 Cup – Grated coconut / coconut milk.

1 triangle Goa Jaggery grated / 250 grm.  (as required)

2 Fresh Turmeric Leave (I don’t use Coz here in Kuwait bit difficult to get)

1 tbsp. Cardamon Pwd.

Salt A pinch

Method :

Soak the Rice and Dal overnight, and next day take a deep pot add the rice, chana  dal, salt along with coconut milk and cook on a slow flame, till if becomes soft.

Once the rice and dal cook and softened add the jaggery and fresh turmeric leave, then  stir it, check the sweetness if required more can add more jaggery, now add the cardamom, and check the salt, & make sure it does not stuck to the bottom of the pot, stir it until it is thicken  and close the flame.

Take a plate grease with some ghee and pour the godshe / rice cake over and make smooth and flatten and let it cool completely. Then cut into desire pieces & relish with black tea.


Source : My Mom 

Note :

  • You can also make this godshem also like liquid as well.
  • If you are in india do use the fresh turmeric leave and see the aroma in the whole house I m speechless.
  • Can also relish this godshem chilled or normal as well., can kept in a refrigerator for 3 to 4 day (but ma home vanish in no time).

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