Fried Eggs with Cuppa Coffee

Weekend is bit short day & relaxing too but when kids are there ma Jesus sometimes bit difficult to be lazy coz has to prepare for breakfast & for a mom i dont think there is a weekend ???????? hope mother’sssssssss over there agree with me and then land up to prepare ma Sonshine favorite eggs fired with cuppa coffee for the prefect for dis weather, here in Kuwait bit difficult sometime coz of freezing weather thanks God i m not in UK coz i saw the click ma sis send me frm. click it really aws. but reality ma Jesus explainable.

Well this recipe i adopt frm ma mum and now ma kidoss favorite they just love dis aws. recipe. i love to prepare dis beauty coz it’s ma favorite and ma mum terrific recipe coz with load of love she use to prepare, just miss her it’s pass to ma kidossssssss.

So ma creation listed below :

Bake Egg Fry

Ingredients :

Eggs                       3

Onions                   3 medium (chopped into length wise)

Green Chilly          3 (chopped into circle)

Garam masala      1 tsp.

tomatoes               2 medium  (chopped into circle)

Dry oregano         1 tbsp.

Coriander fressh  2 tbsp.

Olive oil               3 tbsp.

Tomatoes ketchup

Salt to taste


Method : 

Heat up the non stick pan at medium heat add onion,salt and saute  till it turn medium brown don’t make too much brown. then add tomatoes slice, green chilly break the eggs and place apart to each other.

Now add garam masala, oregano, salt and cover it with any top cover and keep on slow flame and cook for 5 minutes after 5 minutes put off the flame, take a plate put on the fried egg on plate garnish with fresh coriander & tomatoes ketchup.

Serve with bread and Cuppa Coffee.


Coffee for 4 listed below :  

Ingredients : 

Coffee Pwd.           3 tsp.


Sugar according to taste

Method : 

Take a Mug add coffee pwd., sugar and 3 drop of water mix it with spoon till it is pale brown then add one tbsp. to each mug add milk & ready.

Home made cappuccino is ready Njoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!





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