Dry Fruits Immerse with Orange Juice Cake

This Festive is very close to heart coz it’s our Lord “Jesus” our “Redeemer” Birthday and very special day  to all da Christian People, we make different types of sweetsssssssssss and last night i prepare dry fruits immerse in orange juice after 4 day and so excited to prepare dis beauty love da aroma and da dry fruits get a life in life coz after immerse in orange juice it come back to live and to prepare dis beauty it’s really fun, after beat the batter and fold the dry fruits with orange juice it’s divine and alwys. love to have dis beauty i also love to have da one which we get in Goa with Brandy and incredible taste uffff just waiting to have load of ma favorite food once i be in this holiday.

well dis was ma experience and experiment & taste from. ma Kitchen to ur eye watch.

Da divine Innovation Dry Fruits Cake noted below :



All Purpose Flour (APF)                             240 grm

Sugar dark brown                                      200 grm

Eggs                                                          4

Butter                                                        120 grm.

Vanilla Essence                                         1 tsp.

Baking Pwd.                                               1 tsp

Dry Fruits (Black Currant)                           360 grm

Dry Cranberry                                             150 grm.

Cashew nut                                                  50 grm.

Orange Juice                                               ½ cup


Method :

Cut into small piece of dry fruits and immerse in the orange  juice for 4 day or even can immerse for a week ( I immerse for 4 days).

Take a baking pan grease with butter & dust the 1 tbsp. flour  and keep ready.

Turn the oven to 1600 C to 2000 C.

Take a bowl add butter and sugar along with vanilla essence mix will electrical beater till it is fluffy, then add eggs gradually mixing all the while.

Fold in the flour and baking pwd.  Mix the all the immerse dry fruits and juice fold it well and pour the batter into the grease pan and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, check the cake is done by inserting the toothpick and it comes clean cake is done.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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