Dodol / Rice Halva

First of all Thx to ma frd. Brony this is her recipe every year i made ma mum but dis time i try her beauty and it was yummy and this is ma favorite sweet and alwys made dis beauty for every Christmas. This is a Special Goan Sweet  very yummy and terrific in taste with dry nuts and also have load when i been to goa from ma mum creation she make is terrific  Dodol.

Well this was ma creation Terrific Dodol from ma kitchen experimented and tasted.

Ingredients and Method noted below :


Ingredient : 

Coconut  Juice                       2 Coconut (3 Cups)

Jaggery black color                500 grm. (but i use brown one)

Rice Flour                              200 grm.

Cashew Nuts / Peanuts         50 grm.

Cranberry                              For Garnish


Method :

Take a coconut  and extract the coconut milk with warm water then  take a bowl and pour, then same coconut extract again with hot water and this coconut juice will be thin juice take another bowl and pour  keep it separate.

Now Take a Non Sticky Pan and add the Rice Flour and thin coconut milk and stir it continuously, Once the mixture is thicker then add the jaggery and thick coconut milk and stir continuously it should not burn at the bottom and after 3 second add the cashew nuts / peanuts and keep on stirring  till the water evaporate and it form a ball shall and leave the pan, i can say similar to Semolina Halva and in the pan you will see the oil appear all around.

Than take a plate and grease with ghee and put Dodol, flatten it smoothly and once it cool cut according to your desire shapes.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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