Custard Cookies

Custard cookies are amazing shortbread having a excellent texture yet soft made with custard powder. It is melting in mouth and i always love melting cookies, As it took me to my childhood memories, my Granny use use to brought for us from bakery.

But when i made i was so glad that i made my own and i never thought that this was so jiffy cookies.

This are my kids favorite as they melting in mouth, and i m sure most of the kids will just Love this if your’ll feel it yummy and interesting cookies do try in your Own way to mix match with sugar and enjoy.

As the amazing recipe noted below :-


Ingredients :

Butter 250 g

Sugar powder (or) icing sugar 155 g

All purpose flour 250 g

Custard powder 155 g

Egg 1


Method :

Take a bowl add butter, sugar powder, mix till it cream texture and add egg mix it well.

Then add all purpose flour and custard powder  mix it well like a soft dough and make them into round balls and coat with the icing sugar.

Transfer into baking tray, take a fork and press it on the top of the roundels, bake them at 180 c for 15 minutes.

Take out n put on the rack let them cool & put them in air tighten bottle & can have with Tea or Coffee any even can pack for kidos tiffin box.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!