Corn Stir fry with Lime

Fresh & tender corn bringing yellow color to the wheel and full of nutrients. I use some time fresh and sometime frozen one coz of jiffy . The carotenoids lutein and provide anti-oxidant activity. Corn is also a good source of fiber, with a high ratio of insoluble-to-soluble properties.

Feel free to toss in any veggie, beans or even fruits such as wedges of apricot or plums for variety. Which is full of high-protein, This is one of ma kids favorite too when ever we go for shopping they never fails to have like a starter like party and it is like street food here in Kuwait.

I love and enjoy to cook as well with buttery, lime and dash of pepper and salt it divine as taste wise. And what a mother want when their kids are happy to have full load of vitamins rather to giving them medicine and tonics.

So ma creation of Stif fry corn noted below :



Fresh corn  1 cup  (I use frozen one)

Butter 1 tbsp. (use if required)

Fresh ground pepper  ¼ tsp.

Lime Juice 1 tbsp.

Salt (according to your taste)


Method :

Heat a wok / pan add a butter, let it heat a medium then add the corn toss for 3 minute.

Then add a fresh ground pepper and toss for another 30 second then at last add the lime juice and salt according to your taste.
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Note :

You can also use a dash of chilly pwd. I don’t use for kids but when I make for us I don’t miss to use it taste divine.

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