Condense Milk

Condense milk o yes u hear me correct I also cant believe that we can prepare condense milk @ home, when I saw this amazing post by dear  Radha Natrajan S & blogger @  (do check dear Radha blog for more amazing recipes)

I couldn’t resist and soon finish ma kids studies I do prepare dis beauty with ma Princess Dancia she alwys mama Assistant and has passion to help her mama and when I told her baby today I prepare ur favorite she was quickly watching and the time I prepare this beauty she cant believe when she taste mama u can prepare dis also @ home I told her yes baby and all thanx to Radha for dis terrific beauty share. She couldn’t stop licking the bowl and I could stop believing then I prepare coconut  laddu that is another favorite.

Well i m sure once prepare @ home for to purchase frm market.


Condense Milk ingredients noted below :



Ingredients :

Milk Pwd.   –   1 cup (any milk pwd. )

Granulated sugar –  ½ cup

Hot Milk –  ½ cup

Melt butter – 1 tbsp.




Take a blender add all the above ingredients and blend well till smoothly creamy texture for one second and see the desire consistency need more thick or thin depend on each desire.

Take a clean glass container and store the condense milk it stay upto 5 day according to Radha.

I would love to make a small batch accordingly.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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