Coconut Jelly

Coconut Jelly, yes you hear me correct it was delectable teat and incredible, innovation by one of my friend “Mrs. Teji Singh” and I was hook when I saw her post and coconut resist to give a quick try here it was just amazing and delicious white beauty.

I love jellies and it’s my favorite too, it just dancing beauty and love by kids and elder, I feel even elder are similar to kidos, never miss to relish sweet beauties, this coconut jelly love to innovate was so amazing it is nothing but just with coconut milk & sugar and Agar Agar to form this beauty and the outcome was so gorgeous, there was tempting as there was no artificial chemical was added as we purchase from store.

The coconut when I took a spoon to relish, I was speechless to see this white beauty,the taste of coconut milk and sugar with agar agar is the magic ingredient to fold this beauty, do try and relish I am sure surprise with this smooth jelly and that also you tried at home.

So Friends do try and relish every bit of this white beauty.


This is really yummy Jelly Credit goes to Teji Singh.


10 gms Agar Agar strands

350 ml fresh coconut milk

350 ml water

85 gms sugar

1/4 tsp salt

Color opt.

Agar Agar soaked in water, swollen up after 5 mts.



Soak the Agar agar in a bowl of water for 10 mts till it softens.

Drain and cut the strands in half and pop into a pan

Add the fresh made coconut milk and water inro the same pan.

Bring it to a boil, stirring it all the time. Keeping a close eye on it.

Once the Agar Agar melts , remove it off the fire. And add the sugar ans salt , stir it well.make sure the sugar is dissolved.

Pour into lightly oiled container. Set at room temp.

Once set, put ir in frig . It stays fresh for several days. Is covered with cold water about 1 cm.

Cut into diamond shape, and serve with fresh fruit.


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