Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice sweet is specially made for Christmas and taste divine.

This is truly divine beauty and ma kids enjoy every bit as when we have feeling of ice in da mouth when i making these beauty is really awesome, as mix with condense milk and coconut & when ever coconut involve i am a big fan of coconut alwys when mix both the ingredient and can’t express the feeling of and regarding the color I choose my Princess favorite color is pink so she insist mama go for pink and when she said i had to seal it.

When bind and mix match and then final step and when i saw da color ma jesus i could believe it was outstanding and prefect combo.

Well ma divine beauty of “Coconut Ice” is Noted below :-



Condensed milk 300 gm
Desiccated coconut 250 gm
Icing sugar 250 gm
Vanilla extract 2-3 drops
Food colour red or pink
Butter for grease  the pan



Take a bowl add condensed milk, coconut, icing sugar and vanilla extract and mix it well.

Then divide this mixture in two bowl in one bowl and add pink food colour and mix it well check da color according to ur desire litter or dark.

Now take on square cake pan and grease it with butter and cover the cake tin with baking paper from inside.

Now add prepared white colour mixture in it, then add prepared pink colour mixture in it and make layers of white colour and pink colour.
Now keep the cake tin in refrigerator for overnight.

Next day remove the coconut ice from cake pan carefully and cut according to ur desire shapes.





Note :

It is smooth texture when u put condensed milk at room temperature,

But I want crumbled texture so I put direct from freeze thick consistency so I got crumbled texture it depend if u want smooth or crumble texture.

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