Chickpeas Sliders

These tasty Chickpeas / garbanzo bean burgers are quick, healthy too. It can served with nice salad, or a bun with salsa or mayo, they make a nice main meal, party snack & also for kids tiffin box, and my kids just love the, crunch of veggie as I didn’t cook I use fresh veggie, cabbage and carrot shredded, I cook these burger sallow fry can also baked too without frying.

Fry or bake the burger and assemble with burger bun with veggie and mayo and just relish the chickpeas slider.

Ma Chickpeas Slider ingredient listed below :


1 Cup Chickpeas (Soak overnight)

1 Onion medium – chopped small

¼  Cup Coriander leaf

¾ Cup Carrots, shredded

¾ Cup Cabbage, shredded

1 Potato big (Cooked)

1 tbsp. Garam Masala

3 tbsp Fresh Lime Juice

¾ Cup breadcrumbs (more if needed)

Olive oil

Crush with mortar

 4 Cloves of garlic

½ “ ginger

3 Green Chilly


8 Burger Bun

1 Tomato big,  sliced into rounds

Some Jalapeno

2 Cabbage leafs (Cut into medium for burger bun)

¾ cup Mayonnaise (I use with tomato & Chilly flavor)

2 tbsp. Fresh mint, chopped


Method :


Take a pressure cook, add the soak chickpeas, water and salt,  cook  with three whistle close the flame & let it cool.

Meantime, crush the garlic, ginger & green chilly keep a side, then chopped onion tomato, and coriander, shredded carrot and cabbage cut medium into square / round.

Take a bowl add the chickpeas & potato and mesh, then add chopped veggie, onion, coriander, crush garlic, ginger & green chilly & Garam masala, lime juice, salt and mix well.

Take a plate add breadcrumb , then take a small mixture and form into 8 patties, pressing firmly to shape, and deep in breadcrumb and keep a side.

Heat olive oil in a large nonstick skillet add olive oil  @ medium heat add the patties and cook for 3 to 5 minutes on each side & till it is light brown.

Assembling :

Assemble the burgers apply mayonnaise then add cabbage leaf then place each patty on a burger bun, topping with a slice of tomato some mint, spread mayo again.

Serve immediately with a cuppa cold coffee or any drink.


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