Chicken Cafreal with Dill Leave Rice

Chicken Cafreal is a tradmark dish leave back to goa by Portuguese where our Grandparents follow and count’u to generation and it is enthralled and welcome to every tourist who melt with this beauty which is cook with fresh ground green masala. I made bit gravy but even we can make it dry and and also make like tandoori chicken.

I alwys make dis beauty but this time ma sister brought me ready made pack frm. goa and i was so impress with ready made masala ingredient feel of mint and coriander, tangy, spicy taste cant forget and i just created da similar taste of ready made beauty. All thanks to ma darling Sister “Elsie ” for gifted me dis Terrific beauty and came across with dis amazing Tradmark beauty & refresh da memories of back to ma home Country.

I Serve dis beauty with Dill Leave Rice which i earlier done here is da link listed below.

◇ Persian Rice with Dill leaves ◇


Ingredient :

Chicken                    1 Kg

Green Chillies          5 – 6 (less spice)

Coriander leaves    1 ½  Cup

Mint leaves             ½  Cup

Ginger                    ½ inch

Garlic                     6 cloves

Peppercorns          3

Cinnamon               ½ inch

Jeera                       1 tsp.

Haldi                       ½ tsp.

Onion                      Medium (Chopped into long strip)

Lime Juice               4 tbsp. (for grinding masala)

Chilly Pickle             For garnish (Store brought )

Salt to taste.


Method :

Cut the Chicken into medium chunks & wash the chicken, apply the salt & keep aside.

Grind all the above ingredients with lime juice into a fine paste. You can see the nice green color and nice aroma of the masala.

Apply dis grind masala to the chicken & marinade the chicken and the masala overnight or can keep for 3 to 4 hrs. The longer you store it the better retention of flavours.

Take a pot  / a deep pan add oil let it heat to medium  add onion and sauté till it turn into translucent then add the chicken piece and sauté for a while then let it cook on low flame add some butter / ghee and cook till it done.

Serve  with any rice or with salad / Chilly Pickle .








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