Carrot Pudding / Halwa

This is a mouth melt beauty and I love the carrot pudding coz it’s taste terrific, well i was planning to prepare dis terrific carrot pudding but when i saw ma friend “Garima”  Carrot Halwa it was inviting & her click are alwys inviting click too, thanks a bunches darl. “Garima” for inviting me by ur terrific click and when i had some query she explain to me she is alwys there like a angel to me God bless u darling.

here is “Garima” link with milk & mava

I make alwys with milk but dis time i try with condense milk it was terrific and does required sugar coz all in one bundle in condense milk (I use low fat) coz has to check the health wise as well but for this beauty cant resist and control so i use atleast low fat in condense milk, secondly i use this time cranberry it was also new to carrot pudding and just nutmeg instead of cardamon coz i  big fan of nutmeg and garnish with crush almond it was terrific.

Ma innovation, experiment  & tasted Carrot Pudding noted below : –


Ingredient :

Carrot                          1 Kg. (Wash Peel & Grate)

Condense Milk            2 Cup

Nutmeg                     2 tsp pwd.

Cashew Nuts            150 grm.

Cranberry                 150 grm.


Almond for garnish.


Method :

Take a bowl & grate carrot according to your desire and keep a side.

Now take a pan add ghee and roast the cashew nuts and keep a side. In the same pan add grated carrot and condensed milk and stir nicely so it mix well.

Keep stirring the carrot pudding to avoid burning, when the condense milk above to evaporate add nut meg, ghee and when condense milk completely evaporate add the cashew nuts & cranberry and mix well.

Njoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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