Bombay / Mumbai Halva

Bombay / Mumbai Halva, I always relish when I was a child and I feel it is similar to Jelly and melting moment, this is real fun when you prepare, never thought that one can prepare at home, it is very jiffy and anyone can make this when you carving for sweets and sure all the ingredients in pantry, nothing to buy and specially pantry to those fan of thai lover, Chicken Manchurian the ingredient are cornflour, ghee, food color, sugar syrup and dry fruits.

I made this Halva at home and can’t believe, we can have this beauty at home just relish every bit, and want to share with you’ll my friend and those who are buying still in the market do try this jiffy beauty according to your choice like can flavor with any fruits and fold with any dry fruits, and wind up with prefect consistency.. …….

So do try and impress your family , friend and kids tiffin box and extra to their friends too  and be centerpiece of your love one.


This recipe adopted  from Mrs. Teji Singh special thanx to her for  refreshing my childhood memories it’s a amazing, delicious & endlessly desire to satisfy having once. & now my daughter favorite too same replica of mama.

Ingredient’s :

Cornflour  1/3 cup
Sugar       3/4 cup
Water       1  1/3 cup
Ghee        2 tbsp.
Food color  (according to each desire  &essence)
Nuts          (according to each desire – chopped)


Method :

In a deep bottom pot add Water, Sugar & Cornflour and 1 tbsp. Ghee & incorporate well .

Switch on the heat at low and mix continuously for 6 minutes or hence it might form lumps and when it leave the pot comes to semi solid I divide in another pot  and add color and nuts ( kept some for garnish) & keep for another 3 minutes.

Take a plate and greased with ghee and pour halva and garnish & let it cool then cut your desire shapes.

It’s amazing and yummicilio here is ma experience over this sweet waiting for  your feedback 🙂



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