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These beef cutlets are a real treat and very popular in goa, it is served with salad or with goan pao (mean bread) / flatbread same like you get at a road-side stall or in a bakery. These Beef Cutlets mostly get in Goan Restaurants with Cabbage Salad, it is a very simple process to make, it is marinade with garlic, ginger, cloves, green chilly but today I don’t use cloves made it very simple and the crush with mortar or blend with vinegar.
After marinade, it is kept for 3 to 4 hours or overnight for a better result then roll with white flour and dip in egg and roll with semolina, and shallow fry the aroma it just couldn’t resist wanting to have, just remember and missing my childhood day we use to have a lot it was just 5 Rs. Plate at the restaurant and serve with cabbage salad and add in goan pao (bread) add the salad and give big bite and relish every bite, so just to refresh and introduce goan cuisine did at home and I tried another Goan Cuisine and my kids just love, this burger can even pack to kids tiffin box, lunch box at an office or can have at dinner too.
Author : Linda
Ingredients for Beef Cutlets :
 ½ Kg Beef (undercut / chuck meat)
1 Egg
White Flour for Coating (optional)
Semolina for Coating
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
Crush on Mortar / Blend
6 Garlic Cloves
½ inch ginger
2 Green chilly
1 ½ tbsp Vinegar
Onions & Tomatoes Salad Ingredients :
4 Fresh Onion
2 medium Tomato
2 Fresh Green Chilly
3 tbsp. Vinegar
Salt to taste
For Burger :
Burger Bread
Mayonnaise (Any Flavor – I Use Chilly Flavor)
Tomato and Chilly Ketchup (market Brought)
Jalapeno  Chilly Pickle (Market brought)
Instructions for Cutlets :
1. Cut the meat into a slice about a medium-thick wash and dry with a kitchen towel, then take a beef slice & tenderizing the mallet nicely to thin the slice.
2. Apply salt keep aside, meantime take a mortar to add above crush ingredient add vinegar and crush into a fine paste, apply this paste to the meat and let it marinate for 3 to 4 hours or keep in the fridge overnight for better result.
3. After 5 hours or the next day take a plate to add white flour (All Purpose flour – Optional) take another plate to add semolina, take a bowl add egg add 2 tbsp. water, salt and beat for 2 seconds,
3. Take marinate beef slice roll to white flour, then to egg bowl roll to semolina, meantime keep a skillet on flame add oil let it heat, meantime follow the same procedure for remaining marinade slices,
4. Once the skillet is medium heat, add beef slice one by one (3 at a time) and shallow fry for 5 minutes on each side then flip to another side fry till golden brown approximately all together 10 minutes.
Instructions for Onions & Tomatoes Salad :
1. Chop onions, green chili, and tomatoes lengthwise.
2. Take a bowl add all chopped ingredients mix well add vinegar and salt.
3. Keep aside, or can serve with Beef Cutlets.
Assembling for Burger :
1. Take a burger bread, cut side way apply mayonnaise, add onion and tomatoes salad.
2. Add beef cutlet, tomato, and chilly ketchup, few Jalapeno  Chilly Pickle slices.
3. Close the burger and relish every bite of the burger with a crunch and with chilled Lime juice or any other drink.
4. Can also Serve Beef Cutlets with Salad as a side dish.
Note : 
While making Beef Cutlets, kindly use undercut meat for a better result it’s perfect and kids will really relish it.
For Salad, you can also use cabbage and replace the vinegar with lime juice.
Can use any vinegar I use homemade vinegar brought from Goa (market brought) the taste for homemade is just outstanding if anyone in goa does use homemade.
keep the beef marinate at least 3 to 4 or overnight for better result and marinade can also use cloves approximately 4, because of spicy as I use green chilly when kids are there at home don’t forget to de-seed the chilly.
Can  Follow the Procedure Step by Step below :
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